Friday, 1 January 2016


Hello to anyone who may be reading! 

My name is Candice and I am currently in my third trimester with my first baby! I'm a 27 year old nurse who is pretty ambitious and a hard worker. The idea around creating this blog is to create a space for other mothers who are facing the same challenges as myself, mainly the journey into motherhood and my want to still carry on with my career and be successful. I am someone who has always been an over sharer, someone who's not afraid to share their opinions and just generally likes to share my story. It may not interest many people but there I am on 1st January, 2016 at 11pm at night doing something that will make me happy. 

I have found since being pregnant that the expectation of society is for the mum to stay at home for the first 12 months of their babies life. Unfortunately this does not work for everyone and for many different reasons. Some families can't afford for mum to take that much time off and some people don't want to take that much time off. Both of these are valid reasons to be returning to work, however I am finding that a lot of people look at this negatively and go right ahead and tell the mother exactly there thoughts and opinions on the subject. As someone who has always been very ambitious, the thought of taking any time off work quite frankly scares the living day lights out of me. I am SO excited about being a mum, but my want to be successful and have my own business one day is still a fire that burns inside of me. Since being pregnant, the passion to do this has reached a new level. 

I am the eldest of 6 children, my parents own a successful business and have always taught all of us kids to work very hard and aim for great things in life. My parents are my main two professional role models, I am so proud of them. My parents started a business about 20 years ago, when they decided to do this, they gambled their life savings into a business venture that would either see them fail, or see them succeed. After many many years of sweat, tears, hard work and sacrifice, they have built a little empire. 

A different aspect of my home life is that my partner is very supportive of my dreams and he will be the main career for our baby once I decided to go back to full time work and embark on my new journey. People find this very odd but for us, it works. He has been at his job working night shift for almost 9 years now, he is 26 years old and still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up. But the one thing he has always wanted is a family, so we are breaking all the rules and creating our version of normal. He knows how much my career means to me and for him to support me in my journey to create something of myself (and something my family will be proud of) means more to me than I could ever explain. 

So the professional background of my story before I wrap things up; I have been nursing for almost 4 years now, I began my career in an Intensive Care Unit and I LOVED this environment but I realised after almost 3 years that there wasn't many career moves for me. I began to look into other types of nursing, particularly avenues of nursing that I could mix with business. I couldn't really find anything that would allow me to mix my two loves of business and nursing until one day I was sitting on the couch watching a reality dating show and one of the ladies trying to win the guys heart told the audience that she was "24 years old and a cosmetic nurse." My eyes lit up and I instantly picked up my phone and started googling "cosmetic nursing." I had never heard of this before but I am someone who loves Botox, Lip Fillers, Cosmetics etc. and I instantly knew this is where my future was. After a few google sessions and phone calls to an Academy regarding a course, I sat down with my boyfriend and talked over my new direction. It was a risk, especially with the course costing us a small fortune, but my amazing boyfriend just sat back and said "if this is going to make you happy and you're sure you want it, then go for it." That was all I needed and a week later I was enrolled into my Post Graduate degree in Cosmetic Nursing. Everything was great and I had a plan to be working in the Cosmetic industry already but I had fallen pregnant during my studies. Due to this the dream of starting in this industry was going to have to take a back seat for a period of time. I was SO happy I was pregnant and the delay in my new career wasn't an issue but it is also making me SO excited to get back to work and jump in head first to make something of myself in this industry. 

So there is a brief outline of my life, please follow me on my journey on being a first time parent and a working mumma!

Candice x

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